you dig out a pearl only to see it fly away without saying thanks or anything… <sigh>en

This week has been all about crushing things apparently

next week, different platform types… probably.

screenshot from my upcoming platformer (placeholder art, but still interesting)

screenshot from my upcoming platformer (placeholder art, but still interesting)

Switching to MacOS

I’ve been a lifelong Windows user.  I recently realized that was because my developing environment was tied to Windows, since I’ve always been a C/C++ kinda guy and never had the slightest interest in making my stuff multiplatform.

But, a year ago I switched to Unity.  A couple of months after that I was very distressed to find out that you still needed a Mac to publish to iOS, but my wife owns an iMac so I started borrowing that.  That worked reasonably well until she started getting annoyed whenever I had to update the OS or update iTunes and things disappeared from where she wanted them and appeared where she didn’t want them.

So after a year of that I was ready to switch.  I waited for three months until the new MacBooks came out and decided that I wanted the 13-inch one with Retina screen, since it packed more resolution than my current 17” Windows machine with a much smaller form factor.

After the MacBooks came out I did a lot of online research and couldn’t work out if the 13” would be a good fit or not, so I ended up going to a physical Apple Store and asked one of the guys there if he could install Unity (free version) on one of the new machines.

He said yes, Unity worked fine and screen res was a bit better than my current 17” Windows machine so I ordered on the spot.  Then I waited for a month and a half and it finally arrived.  Jut like that.  Bam! It’s a thing of beauty.  Behold!


Well it’s only a standard 13-inch Retina MacBook with extra RAM but it’s the best computer I’ve ever owned.  I’m impressed with the attention to detail and the thoughtful approach to everything in this machine.  It doesn’t come with crapware and works right out of the box.

I thought I wouldn’t get used to the trackpad but it’s oh so good.  The gestures are super useful and convenient.  Clicking the trackpad is a bit confusing at first and I’m still getting there.

Key combinations are a bit weird.  CTRL-ALT-CMD keys do different things than I’d expect and don’t map directly to Windows Keys.  I plugged a windows USB keyboard and fiddled with the keyboard settings and managed to make it sort of work.

The biggest problem for me was the Start/End keys, which by default jump to the beginning/end of the document instead of the beginning/end of the line like I’m used to.  A little free utility called DoubleCommand fixed that.  After fiddling around with the keyboard config I’m still getting used to some weird keyboard combinations but it’s good enough for me.

Then I used another little utility called Quickres which allows you to make the most out of your screen resolution, making all the writing and windows small enough so you can fit a ton of information on the screen.  Quickres allows me to make my resolution 2048x1280 (and up to the insane 3360x2100).  Plus, having different virtual desktops for Unity, Monodevelop, etc and running each app in fullscreen mode gives you and incredible amount of workspace on a tiny laptop you can take everywhere.


(full-res screenshot here)

Even after only a couple of days I’m already super productive and even managed to redo my collision detection and 2d physics code, one more time :p

So, summing up, if you have keen eyesight, the new MacBook 13-inch retina laptops make an amazing machine for iOS development.  And, if you’re a Windows user, switching over to MacOS as your main machine doesn’t have to be a pain!

HOOKBALL released!

Today is the day that the game gets released.  I think I turned out pretty well, you could say I’m a proud dad.

Let’s celebrate with a trailer!

HOOKBALL is available now on the iPad appstore.  It’s going to be free for a little while, as a special launch promotion.  However the game doesn’t feature in-app purchases, push notifications, microtransactions or ads.


iTunes link








Game by Nachobeard

Sound by Gavin Harrison:

Graphics by Leonard Robel





Aug 9

Slide the Floor

So I’ve been working on a little prototype to try out different platformer controls on a touchscreen.  Instead of having a horrible virtual d-pad I only have a jump button, and (interestingly) you move around the level by sliding the floor with your finger.

Sounds a bit weird?
Here’s the video!

Art is all placeholder, of course.

Not sure if the idea is worth pursuing, but I think it’s a cool little prototype so I should post it here.

one last gameplay video

so, I’ve entered hookball into a couple of competitions (unity something 2013 and indiecade) so I made a gameplay video to showcase the lastest version of the game.

I won’t be making any more videos of the game (except for a trailer possibly).

there are major spoilers in the video so be warned!

brand new art!

finally got round to updating the art, so I took some screenies!  all art is by Leonard Robel, really happy with the results.

nearly there now!

(click to enlarge)






always looking for testers, hit me up on twitter! (@nachobeard)


Apr 9

another new gameplay video!

featuring fantastic music by gavin harrison and many changes.

Feb 5

new gameplay video!

check out the new gameplay video with lots of improvements and fresh content!

incidentally I submitted this to the experimental gameplay workshop because… why not, right? :)

incidentally, I could use some testers! here’s the project’s testflight page.