mini gameplay segment II

an attempt to show the kind of mobility you can achieve with the current touch-based controls.

just a quick one

wanted to have something like the fireball columns in mario which turn around blocks forcing you to maneuver around them in interesting ways.

Sep 3

mini gameplay segment

just recorded a small segment to show what I’m aiming for gameplay-wise.

i’m not sure what other people will think of it, but being able to play a platformer with this kind of precision on a mobile is blowing my mind right now.

since the classic platformer has been mostly abandoned on mobile, replaced with one-button runners and temple-runners, I wonder what the new generation of players who have never tried a classic platformer will think of this.  too hard? controls too complex? who knows, hopefully they´ll enjoy it because to me the platformer genre is timeless.

(as usual, this is all early WIP and all art is placeholder)

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added lightning to the cloud, which I think will make an interesting obstacle for players to deal with :D


in this game, clouds are dangerous obstacles which will push you down into the abyss

more control excesses

I’m just gonna keep dumping these here for my personal enjoyment, you know


water streams II

I told you can do a bunch of crazy moves in this game didn’t I ??

Aug 9

water streams

it turns out that the slide-to-move controls allow for some pretty crazy moves!

you dig out a pearl only to see it fly away without saying thanks or anything… <sigh>en

This week has been all about crushing things apparently

next week, different platform types… probably.